Visiting Okinawa, by Stephanie Montague

Many thanks to Stephanie Montague, author of the Poppin' Smoke website, for sharing her expertise! Find the link to her site in her bio, at the end of this post!   Visiting Okinawa One of the most accessible destinations in the Pacific for retirees flying Space-A is Okinawa, Japan. Although many travelers visiting Japan for…Read more Visiting Okinawa, by Stephanie Montague

You’ve Made It to Europe…What’s Next?

Once your Space A flight arrives at your destination, where will you stay, on and off base, for the rest of your travels? How will you get around? There is a variety of lodging and ground transportation options available in Europe!¬†Check out my guest post at Poppin' Smoke¬†- another excellent resource for Retiree Category 6…Read more You’ve Made It to Europe…What’s Next?

Out with the old/In with the new in Paradise!

What to our wondering eyes should appear, just in time to stave off the after-Christmas doldrums? A flight from NAS Whidbey to Hickam on December 29! Hmmm...bringing the year to an end with clouds, cold, rain and dark, or starting the new year off with sun, sand, heat and light...which to choose, which to choose?…Read more Out with the old/In with the new in Paradise!