Nuts and Bolts of Arrangements

One of the issues that new space-a travelers can find daunting is the ground arrangements before and after flight. Arranging for lodging, car rental, dining or other necessities can seem difficult with the uncertainty of space-a. But, there are ways to deal with that uncertainty! Here is how we generally handle our arrangements: Lodging: As…Read more Nuts and Bolts of Arrangements

License – or Permit – to Drive

Travelers, space-a and otherwise, seem to encounter a great deal of confusion regarding the so-called "International Drivers License".  What is it? Which countries require it? Where do you get it? How much does it cost? How long is it good for? Do you really need one? Let's clarify, and provide some answers! First, there is…Read more License – or Permit – to Drive

AMC GRAMS Are Your Friends!

You're heading to an unfamiliar terminal, and you've got questions. What is the number for lodging? Are there taxis? Are there rental cars? Dining? Other facilities? Off-base lodging and dining nearby? Fortunately, AMC, and many non-AMC terminals have a handy little guide that answers these questions and more - the AMC GRAM, available in paper…Read more AMC GRAMS Are Your Friends!

In Remembrance

Memorial Day - Remembering those who gave all: "Angel Flight"  music and lyrics by Darden Smith and Radney Foster For our armed forces, Angel Flights are US Air Force missions, frequently C-130s piloted and crewed by members of the Air National Guard, flying fallen military members home.  Though not an official military designation, “Angel Flight” is also frequently…Read more In Remembrance

Cinco Days into Mayo – Time Is Running Out!

Happy Cinco de Mayo in Outer Space A! And, remember, the prime window for overseas Cat 6 travel will be closing soon! You have about 10 days until Cat 2, 3, 4, and 5 folks begin swelling roll calls and filling terminals around the globe! The busy summer travel season begins ramping up quickly around the…Read more Cinco Days into Mayo – Time Is Running Out!