Lady Cat 6 is an avid world traveler who, along with her retired sponsor, enjoys the adventure of Category 6 retiree (Cat 6) space available (space a) flying.  Catching hops on a variety of military aircraft from biz jets to cargo planes, meeting interesting new friends in terminals and on planes around the globe, and enjoying the serendipity of space a travel, these journeys are her adventure!

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  1. Hi, we met in Bayeaux Tapestry last fall and I kept your website link. I’ve been watching flights out of Whidbey Island and see a regular occurrence to Shannon, Ireland. It appears to be monthly flight to Canada, then Ireland then continuing on to Spain and Italy. I made the “mistake” of calling NAS Whidbey about the flight. Asking general questions and they didn’t know anything. Hoping you know about these flights. Not as worried about getting there, just how do we get back and what can we expect for amenities (places to stay) close to the base. Thanks for your help. Your website is amazing.

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    • Shannon is a fuel stop, so although you can get off, it’s not easy to get back on. I would plan on Ryan Air to Frankfurt, and return from Ramstein… I’m on the road now but will get back with more detail later today!


  2. Lady Cat 6, I am so thankful for your wealth of information! My sponsor and I will be taking our first Space A journey in October to Italy. Your guidance is my bible! Pretty entertaining, too.

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