Lady Cat 6 is Leaving the Facebook Building

Greetings, all –

I want  to let everyone know that the Lady Cat 6 Retired Military Space A Travel group here on Facebook will be “going out of business” as of January 26, 2019.

The group is moving permanently to the MeWe Social Network platform, and you are welcome to join us there through the following link: travel

For those who prefer not to change platforms or not to have an additional social media presence, there are several other groups here on Facebook you may want to consider transitioning to: 

My first recommendation is the excellent Stephanie Montague’s Poppin’ Smoke group, affiliated with her blog of the same name. Find it here:

Dirk Pepperd, from the famous Pepperd internet site, has a Facebook group, Military Space Available Travel, here:

The folks have a page of the same name here:

Roy G Deal also has a suite of space-a travel groups. The one most applicable for retirees, Cat VI Retiree Space A Forum, can be found here:

For now, you can still follow the Lady Cat 6 blog, at  

In researching and crunching the numbers, though, I have found that most of my readers come to the site through Facebook, and now through MeWe. The vast majority of discussion also takes place in the social media groups, not at the blog site. So, barring any drastic change in numbers and discussion patterns, when my current subscription on the blog platform runs out in a few months, I will most likely close up shop there and be blogging directly from MeWe.

Finally, I remain available through my “official” email –  as an avenue for communication. I’ll be happy to answer questions “the old fashioned way” there.

You will be seeing some changes with the Facebook group as we wind down over the next 12 days. First, I am going to change the group setting from “Closed” to “Secret”, so it is no longer visible to anyone but members. You will be receiving a notification from Facebook when that happens. Second, the group information page will be changed to reflect the upcoming closure. Third, I am no longer accepting new members here on Facebook. It doesn’t make sense for people to start, only to have to stop again in such a short period of time. I will be making a final post on Friday, January 25.

I have enjoyed our time together sharing space-a travel information, tips, tricks, and experience here on Facebook, but the platform no longer works for me. I hope many of you will continue to share your expertise and adventures on the new platform at MeWe! For those who choose to remain at Facebook, I understand, and wish you always Fair Winds, Following Seas, and, most of all,

Happy Travels!

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