First, Look Here!

There is helpful information all over the internet to assist space-a travelers in their endeavors. This blog, for example, and sites like Poppin’ Smoke,, and others are all very helpful when trying to piece together a space-a trip.  If you’re a new flyer, though, the FIRST place you should check is the official Air Mobility Command (AMC) Travel Page. Everything you need to know to get started flying space-a can be found on one handy page.

The first questions many first-time travelers ask relate to places to fly from. And, the first prominent items on the left side of the Travel Page are the social media pages of  all the stateside and overseas AMC terminal locations, most other major command (Navy, Marine, non-AMC Air Force) terminal social media pages, and many ANG terminal pages. Simply click the links to be taken to the individual terminal pages, which each contain a wealth of information, including the 72 hour flight forecasts, contact phone numbers, and ground transportation, lodging and parking options. Scroll further down the Page, and you’ll find an interactive map showing all the AMC terminals worldwide. Click on a location pin, and you’ll find terminal phone numbers and driving directions.

AMC Travel Page

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to have terminal information in list form (PDF), right below the interactive map, in the “Questions and Comments?” section, there’s a link to the Passenger Terminal Information Directory. You can download it onto your device and have it handy whenever you want it.

The next questions are usually about the sign-up (registration) process. Right below the list of terminal pages, there is a section covering that! If you only want to sign up at one terminal, or you don’t mind filling out separate sign-up forms for each terminal you would like to fly from, there’s a option right on the Page you can click, fill in, and send off to the terminal of your choice. If you want to include several terminals in one sign up, they also list information you need to put in an email you can send to as many terminals as you want, all at once. Of course, you can always sign up in person or by phone. Phone numbers are located on the social media pages of the individual terminals.

Over on the right hand side of the Page, next to the interactive map, you’ll see a section called “Travel Instructions”. This section contains information about travel categories (retirees are Cat 6), required documents (ID cards, Passports, etc.), marking present and check-in, baggage limits, and prohibited items. There’s lots of other information available on the Page, but for Cat 6 travelers, the sections noted  provide a good introduction to the basics, and get you ready for take-off.


Once you’ve taken a good look at the AMC Page, you’ll probably have even MORE questions! And, that’s where the other blog sites and groups come in – fleshing things out, clarifying, working out travel strategies and back up plans, making connections that can only be discovered through experience (trial and error!), and helping travelers be aware of important information that’s not covered at the AMC site. So, check out all the valuable info available for Cat 6 travelers (there’s a handy side bar at the Lady Cat 6 blog)! But, look at the Official AMC Travel Page FIRST!


Air Mobility Command

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