Year End Tidying and Social Media Update

As the year draws to a close, Lady Cat 6 is tidying up the blog site – verifying links, and culling through articles that may need to be updated or discarded. If you’ve experienced any broken links, or found any information that’s outdated, please let me know – I don’t want to miss anything! Also, if you have additional links to suggest or topics you would like addressed in the new year, let me know!

My experiment with the social media site MeWe is ongoing. I am still researching their privacy policies, and evaluating the functionality and viability of the platform. Currently, I am planning to operate both the Facebook and MeWe groups through the end of January, and then make a determination about whether to migrate to MeWe or not.  Should I opt for MeWe, current Facebook group members will have the option to follow the blog via the internet, and/or join the group at MeWe. The link for joining the group is here.

For those who have already joined the MeWe group, I would really like some feedback about how you are finding the experience in general, and whether the group there is something you would continue with, and why or why not. Your feedback will help in making the ultimate decision regarding migration. Please post your comments here at the blog site, or at the article links at Facebook and MeWe groups. Thanks!

I’m beginning to look ahead to travel opportunities in 2019, and hope you are, too! If you’ve got any particular ideas you’d like to share, please do – wishing everyone many happy travels!

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