New Social Media Option

For those with privacy concerns regarding social media, Lady Cat 6 is experimenting with a group on a new, more secure mobile platform, MeWe.

If it sounds like an option you’d be interested in, download the app, and sign up for your free account. Then, use the handy link the end of this post (or, search for Lady Cat 6 in the groups section) and, voila – there you are! Answer the 3 questions (just like the Facebook group), and request to join – easy peasy.

I will post links to articles from the blog and other information (also just like the Facebook group), and members can also share info and experiences (Yes! Just like the Facebook group 😁!). It will be pretty much the same as the Facebook group, except no one will be tracking you all over the internet and sucking up and “sharing” your data.

In the interest of full disclosure, MeWe, like Facebook, is a for-profit company. Companies, including MeWe, need to make money to stay in business. Since they don’t capture, track, mine or sell customer data, MeWe makes money from the upgrades and add-ons they sell at their store. You never HAVE to but anything – the basic private platform will meet the needs of most users – but that’s where their funding comes from. Remember – if a service is totally “free”, you are the product, NOT the customer 😉.

The WeMe group is, as I said, an experiment – if there is enough interest and participation, it will be an alternative for the more personal security-conscious among us. Eventually, I may even consider transitioning away from Facebook, since one of those among us who is personal security-conscious is…me!

Give it a try, and let me know what you think – here’s the link to join the group:

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