Phone Reminder for Overseas Travel

Finalmente! After being grounded for nearly a year from a medical hiccup, Lady Cat 6 and Sponsor are are getting ready to head to Europe in a few days! Along with packing and making sure our documents are in order, we are prepping our T-Mobile phones for our adventure.

In case folks are unaware, there is a one-minute connection charge to your phone in Europe. This charge applies to all cell phones, regardless of carrier. If your phone is turned on and you receive a call, you will be charged, even if you do not answer your phone. Our voice rate with T-mobile is only 25 cents per minute, but I still like to economize whenever I can.

One obvious solution is to just turn the phone off, but that won’t work for us. We use our phone’s navigation app on the road, and we need it on for internet and making our own calls while traveling.

Fortunately, T-Mobile has a solution: send all calls directly to voicemail so no charge is incurred. Here are the details:

To save the cost of calling in to retrieve voicemails, I also downloaded their free visual voicemail app that uses cellular data (also free) rather than voice to automatically download voicemail to the phone:

Other carriers may provide similar services, so if you are not a T-Mobile customer, check with your carrier to see what they offer. Also, many phones now come with visual voicemail built in, so check your phone apps to see what you have, and what the features are. Be sure to verify with your carrier whether or not there is an extra fee involved for using the service!

There are also several third-party voicemail apps available, such as YouMail –

Services are described and rated at several sites like Lifewire: and Business News Daily: among others.

Check your App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store for apps that are compatible with your phone and carrier.

I’ve added the codes to turn the service on and off as contacts on my phone, so once we’re on the plane, I’ll just dial in, and be set for the rest of our trip!

Questions? Comments? Additional thoughts/ideas? Please share!

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