There’s More to Cat 6 Than Retirees

Those of us in the Retiree Cat 6 world sometimes tend to think we are the sole inhabitants of the Cat 6 universe – and we certainly ARE the majority! There are, however, other “species” sharing this universe with us.  Their travel rules are a bit different, but we all share the same Category – 6.

The other Cat 6 “residents” are so-called “Gray Area Retirees” (so-called because they have retired from the Reserves, but are not yet drawing retirement pay), Reservists, and, most recently come to space-a, 100% Permanent and Total (DAVPERM) Disabled Vets.

There are two sets of rules governing Cat 6 travel – one for blue ID card-carrying retirees, and the other for Gray Area, Reservists, and DAVPERM Vets.

The main differences between Retired and other Cat 6 folks are the locations to which (and from which, and between which) travel is permitted, and dependent travel.

Retired Cat 6 are authorized to travel anywhere space-a is permitted, and DEERS dependents are permitted to travel with their retired sponsor.

Gray area retirees, Reservists, and 100% DAVPERM vets are authorized to travel within CONUS, and to/from/through Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories only, and their dependents are not authorized to travel (Reservist dependents may be eligible to travel if sponsor is activated for 30 days or more).

The differences in privilege can be confusing at times. But, fortunately, everyone can find accurate information at the official AMC travel site on the main page and in the FAQ section. We can also contact our nearest AMC terminal and speak to our friendly PAX REPS if we have questions.

It’s good for all of us to be aware of the similarities and differences in our travel regs, and to remember that, though we may be different “stars” and “planets”,  and we may have different “orbits”,  we are all travelers in the same Cat 6 universe!






2 thoughts on “There’s More to Cat 6 Than Retirees

  1. I have been reading a lot about lodging on base but it seems when we call for on base lodging for mid Oct in Naples or Ramstein they say for pics only.. we did book Sig for 2 was and got confirmation so hopefully it pans out.. just don’t want to fly and find out no lodging and will need to book hotel. Please give me your thoughts as this is our first space a


    • For Naples, I would try to book Navy Gateway Inn and Suites (NGIS) on the Capo base, where the terminal is, rather than Navy Lodge at Support Site, miles away (unless you have children – they can’t stay at NGIS). Have you tried there?

      For Ramstein, you’re too far out – they only let you book 3 days ahead, and you can only stay up to 5 days max.

      Frequently, you can also get last minute lodging by just showing up and asking about cancellations.

      There are a lot of hotels and other lodging near both bases – check out their AMC GRAMS for listings, and also check sites like Air BnB for options.

      We have rarely not been able to stay on base the night we arrive, but always have backup options just in case ;).


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