AMC GRAMS Are Your Friends!

You’re heading to an unfamiliar terminal, and you’ve got questions. What is the number for lodging? Are there taxis? Are there rental cars? Dining? Other facilities? Off-base lodging and dining nearby?

Fortunately, AMC, and many non-AMC terminals have a handy little guide that answers these questions and more – the AMC GRAM, available in paper form in the terminal, and digital form in the “photos by (insert name of terminal here)” section of  terminal Facebook pages. They look like the one posted below, which happens to be from Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst (JBMDL):


They are all single sheets, some single, and some double-sided.  Terminal information will be located right at the top of the page, with lodging, dining, transportation and other information below.

One caveat about all this helpful information: pay attention to the “Information Current as of” date at the bottom right hand corner of the page. Most of the on-base phone numbers don’t change much over the years, but car rental concession contracts, taxi access, and off-base dining and lodging options sometimes do. The sample page here is current as of December 2016, so it’s probably fine. And, most terminals update their pages every couple of years. But, if you run across a real oldie, you probably want to double check the info.  There shouldn’t be too many of those still floating around, as terminal email addresses changed AMC-wide a couple of years ago (2016, I believe!), and AMC GRAMS were updated to reflect the change.

Finally, though this post is about the AMC GRAM, if you’re locating it at the terminal Facebook page, take a look at the other photos in that file, also! Some terminals have base maps, more detailed phone lists, and other helpful information located in that section, too.

So, grab a copy at the terminal, print it out from Facebook, or take a screen shot with your mobile device. However you save it, the information in the AMCGRAM can help YOU with your planning, or save you scrounging and scrambling for information when you’re traveling!




2 thoughts on “AMC GRAMS Are Your Friends!

  1. If you have the Takeahop/MilSpaceA paid app, they also have a section called “AMC GRAMS and Other Documents”, but their copies are woefully out of date for most terminals. I would have thought an app that one has to pay to purchase would do a better job keeping their documents up to date!


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