Cinco Days into Mayo – Time Is Running Out!

Happy Cinco de Mayo in Outer Space A!

And, remember, the prime window for overseas Cat 6 travel will be closing soon!

You have about 10 days until Cat 2, 3, 4, and 5 folks begin swelling roll calls and filling terminals around the globe! The busy summer travel season begins ramping up quickly around the middle of May (DODDS families can take their kiddoes out of school up to a month prior to the end of the year), and lasts until the middle-to-end of September (those same families can return to school up to a month after the start of the year). 

The good news is, travel within continental US is still doable. Travel privileges for Cat 2 and EML 4, and 5 families ends upon reaching CONUS, unless manifested through on a continuing flight. So, Cat 6, best to see the (continental) USA! 

It MAY be possible, with a wish, a prayer, a less-frequented terminal, a short-notice flight, and, lots of time to burn, bags packed ready to go, to catch a hop overseas (or back to CONUS), but be aware those possibilities are slim. Don’t count on all the stars aligning during the summer! It’s always a good idea to have Plan B, C, D, etc., (and FUNDS!) in place when attempting space a travel, but, it’s a must during the upcoming busy season.

Finally, if you do attempt travel, either CONUS or OCONUS this summer, remember to be kind to your PAX Reps and fellow travelers! Summer travel is stressful for everyone, so, if you can’t FIND a good, kind person in the crazy hustle, then just BE one :).

Happy Travels!

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