A New (for us) Phone Option

A couple of years ago, Lady Cat 6 posted about communication options while traveling overseas. They range from purchasing a SIM card in the country you will be visiting, to using any of the ever-proliferating internet calling apps, to arranging with your US carrier for service while outside the US. These options are always changing and “improving” – faster than I can keep track of! I like to keep things, including communication, as simple as possible.

Personally, my sponsor and I have long been fans of our TMobile calling plan. It enables us to keep our “normal” phone number while traveling abroad – a plus for elderly relatives who may need to get in touch with us but are not thrilled with having to learn a new phone number or pay overseas call costs every time we leave the country. With our plan, while overseas, we have unlimited text and data. It’s not blazing fast gaming and streaming data, but is quite sufficient for navigating, checking social media, and other day-to-day needs. Faster data is available for an additional charge, but we’ve never needed it. Also, while overseas, calls to just about anywhere in the world are 20 cents per minute. 

But, now, we’ve found something new:


Yes – that’s correct! I don’t know how we missed this piece of crucial information, but we recently learned that our carrier has a Senior Plan Available to people 55 years and older. It has all the features we rely upon while traveling, but the price is quite a savings: $70 per month for two lines. This price is INCLUSIVE of taxes and fees, so the total is really the $70 advertised. The only caveat is you must be set up with Autopay – which, we are.

As with our previous TMobile Simple Choice (no longer offered, but the ONE plan is the same) plan, we have unlimited talk, text and LTE data while in the US. And, there are no additional fees for using the phone overseas – just the per-minute charge for voice calls. We don’t need to call anyone to arrange coverage; it’s automatic. Whenever we travel into a new country, we get a message welcoming us, and, of course, reminding us of the terms of our plan. The only thing we need to do is make sure the roaming options on our phone are turned “ON”, so that we can access the partner carriers in the country in which we are located. This hand-off to partners happens automatically – we don’t need to do anything except have the roaming function turned on. Easy peasy!

We do use wi-fi calling, when available, and we do make use of Skype, and, more and more, Google Duo internet calling services. But, when we’re wandering about outside of wi-fi coverage, or wanting to use our phone to navigate, or call ahead to make hotel arrangements, or talk to the folks at home, our TMobile Senior plan makes it easy and seamless. You might want to give it a try!


3 thoughts on “A New (for us) Phone Option

  1. Great article. We love our T-Mobile plan, BUT if you are in a country not served be sure to turn your roaming OFF. My husband forgot while we were in Vietnam this year and amassed a roaming charge of $1,800+ and our service was cancelled. Not what you want to happen when you are abroad. We were able to get them to reinstate service when we got to Singapore and had another phone to use (because service was cancelled, we couldn’t call wirelessly). We also eventually got them to reduce the roaming charges to about $100.


  2. Great information! I wonder if they’ll be able to offer this plan to folks younger than 55, but travel a lot. I have a ways to go until 55, but I’d switch my carrier for this deal!


    • Before we switched to this plan, we had the Simple Choice plan that was $50 per month for the first line, and $30 for the second. They came too $80, but taxes and fees bumped it up to almost $100 total. They also have the One plan, which is similar to our original. You can find all their plans and prices on their website ;).


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