Spring Travel Reminders and Misc.

As Spring is nearly upon us, so, too, are the school breaks for DODEA schools in Europe and the Pacific. The dates for 2018 are April 2-6, which means, effectively, from about March 30 through about April 8. Families frequently pull students out of class a day or so early, and return a day or so late to get the most out of their travel opportunities.

While there may not be as much of an increase in travel between OCONUS and CONUS as the longer breaks like summer, some inrease should be expected. There will also likely be an uptick in in-theater traffic as families get away and explore a bit while the kiddoes are out of school.

What this means for Cat 6 travelers, of course, is an increase in competition for available seats. Hopefully, those of us desiring travel OCONUS during this period have already signed up so as to have as much seniority within our own category as possible (50-55 days), and are prepared to be flexible about our destination – ready to go wherever the planes are going. Alternatively, travel within CONUS is usually doable even when OCONUS opportunities become limited. This might be a good time to see the USA :).

On a personal note, Lady Cat 6 has had her wings clipped since her year-end jaunt to Hawaii.

A second occurance of multiple bilateral pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) diagosed at the end of January scotched my anniversary cruise in the Carribbean, and complications in recovery knocked my planned spring time language study in bella Italia off the calendar. 

Happily, conditions have improved enough to have just received clearance to fly to the east coast, and sponsor and I hope to catch a hop sometime this week! A couple of months relaxing with family and friends and a few reasonably-managed road trips on the eastern seaboard are well within the bounds of what the doctor ordered ;). We’ll be looking to get back into the air OCONUS sometime in the fall.

Always, always, ALWAYS get up and walk around as much as possible on flights longer than a couple of hours, always always ALWAYS stay hydrated, and always always ALWAYS be aware of whether any medications you are taking increase your risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE). A good pair of knee-length compression socks might also be a good idea for long-haul air travel. This Lady Cat is on her third life after two such incidents, and isn’t in a hurry to use up any of the remaining six!

Happy (and SAFE!) Travels,


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