Another space a option in Europe: Take The Bus-

The Medevac Bus!

(current as of 05/2017)

The medevac bus exists to transport active duty/dependent medical patients between the Vicenza, Italy, clinic and the facilities at Landstuhl Hospital, near Ramstein. If there are extra seats available after patients are accommodated (there almost always are!), retirees and other authorized travelers can ride along. There is no sign up process, and no seniority/category. Just be at the designated pick up area at the appointed time, sign the manifest, and get on the bus.

The ride through the spectacular Austrian Alps takes approximately 12 hours, depending on traffic conditions.


There are 2-4 rest stops along the way, mostly at McDonald’s rest areas. The stop outside Innsbruck also has a separate German restaurant and a small store/gift shop. Stops are normally 20-30 minutes long.


The bus is a very comfortable tour-type bus. There is a bathroom on-board, but passengers are encouraged NOT to use it unless absolutely necessary.

Schedule and pick-up points as follows:

From Ramstein to Vicenza, Italy:

  • Departs on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Departure times/pick up locations (be at the pick-up point 10-15 minutes early!):
    • Landstuhl Hospital: 0900
    • Ramstein outside KMCC main building: 0930
    • Vogelwegh lodging office: 1000

From Vicenza, Italy, to Landstuhl, Germany:

  • Departs on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Departure time/pick up location: 0700 outside the health clinic (very close to lodging – be there by 0645!)
  • Drop off order: Vogelwegh lodging office (if there are pax going there – they skip it if there aren’t any); Ramstein outside KMCC main building; Landstuhl Hospital

Happy Riding!

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