2016 – Going out with a HOP!

2016 was a FABulous Space A year for Lady Cat 6 and sponsor – hope it was for you, too! 

First up in January was a solo adventure, as Sponsor departed for Rota Spain, from whence he continued on to spend a couple of weeks in Morocco (Let Your Sponsor Go!)! We both had a wonderful time :).

February saw us heading to Hawaii for some sun, sand, and getting together with fellow space a travelers (Aloha! February, 2016), and in April, we were off to tour Sardinia (The Air, the Bus, the Train, the Sea, and Sardinia). In June (Happy Chance) and September, we enjoyed a couple of domestic excursions to the east coast. On the September trip, we attempted to catch a hop out of Norfolk to Spain in order to tour Portugal, but seats did not materialize – sometimes that happens ! So, we just headed north to visit family again, and capped off the long sojourn celebrating the birth of our second grandbaby (a girl!) in North Carolina in November. Sponsor caught a solo hop out of Cherry Point and then back to Pope in October for about a week to take care of business at home. Just after Thanksgiving, we caught a flight home from Oceana.


As the year draws to a close, we are busy packing for our next adventure (tomorrow, we hope!): a flight to Norfolk for New Year’s with family in the snowy northeast, followed by a stop in North Carolina to kiss the baby, then completing the circuit back to Norfolk to try for Rota again. 

Ringing out the old year with a hop, and ushering in the new with another – doesn’t get much better than this! May the space a gods smile down upon us all in 2017!





Tidying Up

As the end of another Space A year approaches, Lady Cat 6 is busy tidying up her little universe. Broken links have been repaired, new links have been added, and information has been updated. Once a few final bits of galactic debris have been attended to, all will be current once again…just in time to head out onto the taxiway and take to the skies in 2017!

See you out and about in “Outer Space A”!