Let Your Sponsor Go!

Lady Cat 6 is relaxing in her little perch above the bay, sipping coffee, and reveling in the quiet and the fact that she is fancy free for the next couple of weeks!

Why is this?

Because my sponsor took off this morning on a solo space a adventure!

Ever since becoming eligible to travel Cat 6, my sponsor has made a trip each year on his own. It gives us both a little break from nearly 24/7 retirement and travel togetherness. I get to lounge in my PJs all day, eat junk food at all hours, binge-watch movies, stay up late, sleep in late, and otherwise enjoy myself. He gets to have a new adventure to share, travel on his own terms, meet new people and make new friends, and serve as advance man to a location we will enjoy together on a future trip. We both get a little space and absence within which our hearts grow fonder.

And so, this trip, I will be “cheering” from the sidelines. Sponsor left early early this morning to be at the the terminal at NAS Whidbey Island for roll call. I am preparing to party tonight, then head off to a luxury hotel/spa with some girlfriends tomorrow. 

Cat 6 travel together is wonderful!  But sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to just sit back, stay home, and let your sponsor go! 

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