Mulling…thoughts, not wine

With the holidays finished and family visits just about complete, Lady Cat 6 is weighing options for getting back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Sponsor and I rolled the dice and skipped a flight from Andrews to McChord this past Sunday because we had just arrived in Ohio Thursday afternoon. The flight showed up Friday morning, New Year’s Day. We would have had to turn right around to return in-laws’ car to Pittsburgh, rent a car before noon on Saturday (Andrews has Enterprise drop box in terminal) and then get on the road the rest of the day in order to arrive in time for roll call late Sunday morning. So, we decided to skip the rush and the flight.

And, as you’ve probably guessed by reading this far, there has been nothing else going our way since. Nothing on the 72 hour forecasts of Dover, McGuire, Andrews, or Norfolk. Nothing from Oceana until the end of next week. Nothing (as usual!) out of the Pittsburgh Reserve wing. We’ve even checked Pope and Charleston. Nada. Niente.

So. Juggling time. We can wait it out here in Pittsburgh until the weekend or next week, when there will almost certainly be more traffic returning from the spate of flights that headed over to Germany this week to return holiday travelers OCONUS. Or, we can give up and purchase a commercial ticket back to Seattle. We’ve been away since the 21st of December and although there really isn’t anything we need to get back home for, we’re about ready to go home. Decisions, decisions…

For now, we’ll sit tight and hope something turns up for Friday or Saturday. If not, I think it will be time to get out the credit card. 

Most of our space a adventures work out, but every once in awhile, the back up commercial plan comes in to play. Which is why it’s always necessary to have back up plans to be prepared to implement them!

4 thoughts on “Mulling…thoughts, not wine

  1. We’re STILL sitting at Osan and there’s a flight to Yokota on 7 Jan. Nothing seems to be moving lately but we ARE making the best of it! Seoul, although cold right now, has been a nice lil’ stopover. It’s our first time in Korea so we can mark this off as a new country visited. I’ve been to Yokota many times and a night or 2 there would be nice, as my wife will finally get to go off base and see downtown (she had a broken leg).

    But, we’re ready to get back to California to start our road trip to Vancouver.

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