Looking back; Planning ahead

As 2016 takes flight, Lady Cat 6 is taking a few moments to recall space a journeys from the year just past. It was a good one – 7 trips in all!

My sponsor and I wasted no time getting started in 2015, making our first trip of the year to Hawaii, in January.

March found us winging our way to Singapore, with a roundabout routing  for the journey home that began at Yokota, continued to Kadena, and then on to Hawaii, where we ended up getting “stuck” for several days before finally catching a hop through Travis home to McChord.

May was a busy month, beginning with space a to Alaska (commercial home), and ending with a visit to North Carolina (via Dover) including another extended tour – this time of the eastern seaboard – to get home.  We began our homeward journey by dropping our car at Pope, hopping to Charleston, hopping to Andrews (when their flight to McChord was canceled), and finally hopping to Norfolk for an overnight before at last catching a C 40 back to Whidbey.

In July, we flew to Oceana to visit east coast family for several weeks (commercial home).

August was our space a highlight of the year, with a FABulous flight to Hawaii with our son at the controls of a C 17 (commercial home)!

Our second overseas trip, a tour of Paris, Normandy, Brittany, the Loire Valley and Strasbourg began in September. On the return we enjoyed another visit with family before scoring cheap commercial tickets home, well into October.

Finally, to cap off the year, we flew commercial back to the east coast to spend the holidays with family, and are planning to inaugurate the New Year with a space a hop home to the beautiful Pacific Northwest sometime next week – we’re flexible about when and where from.


Already looking forward to Hawaii in February, Italy in March or April, and additional family time throughout the coming year. Maybe we’ll squeeze in visits to San Diego or Guam in there somewhere, too!

2015 was a busy space a year, and I’m anticipating lots of exciting adventures in 2016! Hope to see you somewhere in outer space a!

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