2016: Resolve to get out there!

In the previous post, I listed the 2016 destination resolutions for Lady Cat 6; where are YOU taking off to this year?

Use the “Leave a comment” button on the left to share YOUR outer space a resolutions – see you at the terminal!

6 thoughts on “2016: Resolve to get out there!

  1. Will be heading for annual trip to Hawaii to make reservations at Hale Koa beginning January 23. Will spend time at Bellows, Pillilau and the Big Island before returning home in March.
    Plan to be in Alaska in late May and rent a car for 7-10 days. Probably will put off Europethis year.

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  2. Sitting at Osan right as week speak! Then on to Hawaii and Vancouver. For us, it’s the “wake up and drink coffee” type of flow. We have nowhere to be and just go from there. I love the freedom to just get up and go! Happy New Year and here’s to continued travels!

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  3. We’re planning a trip to Spain and Portugal in February. This will be my wife’s first Space A adventure. A week at the Marriott Resort in Marbella, then a three week drive around the country to include: Madrid, Lisbon, Oporto, A Coruna, Badajoz, Seville, Cordoba, Gibraltor and Jerez. Renting a car on USAA reward points.


  4. Hoping to go to Hawaii for a few days then to McChord and on to Eugene, Or. for a few days to see my son. Going from Knoxville always starts with a 6-10 drive to the East Coast. McGhee-Tyson ANGB has something, somewhere in March and Ft Cambell has flights occassionally, but we prefer the “sure thing” elsewhere.
    Then, in the fall we’re headed to Italy for a couple of months. Going to try getting out of McGuire to Ramstein mid-August. Giving ourselves 2 weeks to get there.


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