Happy Hybrid Holidays!

Seasons Greetings from Outer Space A!

Lady Cat 6 is once again immersed in packing, this time for our Christmas/New Years visits with family in the east. From North Carolina to Cleveland, Ohio, our holiday driving route is set. The question? How do we get east?

After careful research of space a histories and airline prices, we made the decision to purchase commercial tickets to North Carolina, and use space a to return to our Pacific Northwest home. A hybrid option, if you will.

We need to be at a certain condo by a certain date. The choices were to wait and hope for a flight on the 21st, or perhaps go several days early and incur additional lodging/dining/driving costs, or buy a commercial ticket. This time around, buying the one-way ticket was the way to go.

On the other hand, we have no particular date by which we need to be home, so the space a option makes sense. We can hang with family in Cleveland and Pittsburgh until the space a gods are smiling upon Andrews, Dover, or McGuire., or even Norfolk or Oceana. When they do, we’ll rent another car and head to the terminal. If being away from the dark clouds and rain gets to be too much for us, we can always buy tickets to come home. That’s our back up plan.

Based on the flight forecasts from our preferred terminals through the date we need to be at our North Carolina Air BnB condo, the tickets were the right call. Having options in play for our return gives us the confidence to go, relax, and enjoy the holidays with our families. It will all be great!

Wishing all my Cat 6 friends and followers a very Merry Christmas, and all the best space a fortune in the coming New Year! See you in the terminal – I’ll have my yellow tags on!

Happy Holidays…


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