Get Packing!

Finally! We’re done with talking about packing, and we’re down to the nitty-gritty, actual packing list!

There are many excellent packing lists available as starting points. My favorite is Rick Steves:  Whichever list you choose to work from, you will need to do some tinkering to meet your own personal needs and space a requirements. 

Aside from the underwear, socks, compression socks, shoes, shirt, slacks, scarf, jacket, and whatever else I’m wearing on the plane (everything coordinating with what’s in my bag), here is my packing list, adapted from Rick Steves:

4 blouses/shirts, assorted styles and sleeve length depending on season

1 or 2 sleeveless shells or tank tops. Must be the kind that can be worn alone, under an open blouse or jacket, or as a base layer in cooler weather. Making items do double or triple duty extends my options.

1 lightweight dressy jacket or sweater

3 pairs of slacks, one of which can be dressed up. In summer, I pack one pair of capris and two pairs of (long) shorts. In cooler weather I take either all long pants, or two long and one capri

1 skirt that can be dressed up if needed.  No dress.

4 pairs of underwear -Exofficio ( ) or other quick dry type, assorted styles. Wash in sink.

1 bra (I’m wearing another one on the plane!)

4 pairs of socks, plus an extra pair of compression socks

1 packable rain jacket with hood

1 pair of nice looking flat shoes (sandals in summer)

1 lightweight nightie (use the jacket or sweater for a robe – another double duty trick)

1 swimsuit, packaged in a gallon size ziplock bag. I’ll need that when the suit is wet

1 scrunchy scrubby thing, packaged in a quart size ziplock – Europe does not do wash cloths

Scarves – as many as I want and can fit in the nooks and crannies of the case.

Small purse. Carrying backpacks and wearing fanny or belly packs identifies one as a tourist.

My Sponsor’s list is pretty much the same, minus the “ladies” items.

Next comes how to pack. I know many people like packing cubes and other organizers, but I don’t. They take up valuable space that could be used for actual clothing and supplies. I roll my clothes, and place them in a row in one half of the suitcase. WP_20150911_001 (1)In the other half go my shoes, in a plastic bag, my underwear bag, my toiletry bag, the rain coat in its pack, the swim suit in its bag, a heavy duty clear plastic bag with my travel size liquids (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, antiperspirant, lotion, moisturizer),and a bag with spare medications, along with their labels (cut out and taped to a card to save space). Also, a small jewelry bag – mostly earrings, some all-in-one laundry sheets, extra plastic bags to use for laundry and whatever, and a copy of the packing list.  WP_20150911_004

Zipped into the lining are copies of our passports, IDs, driver’s licenses, and insurance cards – auto and health.

If there is space and weight left o
ver, I might fudge a little and take an extra pair of shoes or an extra sweater, but most of the time there’s not, so I don’t. So, that’s the suitcase.

Into the backpack go:


  • Tablet (mobile device)
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Cell phone
  • Camera
  • Cords (recharging)
  • Plug adapter
  • Ear buds/ear plugs
  • Flash drive containing any files we may need

Medications, packed in a small cosmetics bag

Small cosmetics bag with toothbrushes, paste, and other sundries that may be needed in transit.

Documents: Passports, NEXUS Card, case with ID and credit/debit cards

Miscellaneous: Sunglasses, car keys, antibacterial wipes, face masks (I get respiratory infections easily!)

Journal and pens

My Sponsor carries his tablet, cell phone, ear plugs, sundries, two tiny umbrellas, and snacks for the flight in the duffel.

And, there you have it: the Official Lady Cat 6 Packing List. And now, it’s time to stop writing about packing, and actually GET STARTED PACKING for our next trip! It’s just about time to take off!

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