Post Card from Paris

Greetings from Paris!  France, not Texas... Lady Cat 6 and Sponsor successfully completed our journey from outer space a to Europe! It took a bit of time, and involved a few days of making lemonade (why does life never hand you junipers, so you can make some gin?!), but here we are, enjoying the sights,…Read more Post Card from Paris

Operations Interrupted

Operations at Lady Cat 6 will be severely curtailed until further notice. Autumn travel season is upon us, and the entire staff is about to leave the building. Outer space a, here I come! In the meantime, please enjoy previous posts and watch for trip reports, or, better yet, get out there and join me!

Get Packing!

Finally! We're done with talking about packing, and we're down to the nitty-gritty, actual packing list! There are many excellent packing lists available as starting points. My favorite is Rick Steves:  Whichever list you choose to work from, you will need to do some tinkering to meet your own personal needs and space a requirements.  Aside from…Read more Get Packing!

Part Two: Our FABulous Hawaiian Vacation…On Crete

After opting to take our Hawaiian vacation on Crete, and catching a few hours of sleep at the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites (NGIS) at Souda Bay, we struck off, exhausted and jet-lagged, but happy to be in the warm sunshine, for Iraklion. The travel and leisure office had found us reservations at a hotel,…Read more Part Two: Our FABulous Hawaiian Vacation…On Crete

Our FABulous Hawaiian Vacation…On Crete

Late February is not a pretty time in the great Pacific Northwest. The skies are dark slate and hang so low they press like weights on our shoulders. The January sunbreaks are long gone.  Day after day of nearly constant drizzle leave us feeling positively mossy. Definitely time for some sun! Hawaii looked FABulous. We’d…Read more Our FABulous Hawaiian Vacation…On Crete