Money Matters!

An unpleasant reality of space a travel is: you have to have money. Yes, that’s right – you have to have money. You may not end up needing to spend money, but you have to have it, just in case.

Space a is often touted as a great way to save money while traveling. And, it CAN be, if everything goes exactly according to plan. If that happens, you will save the cost of a plane ticket. Hooray! But, the sad fact is, frequently, space a travel does NOT go according to plan, or at least not according to Plan “A”. And, when that happens, you’re going to have to spend some money.

Food and lodging can add up quickly while waiting for flights to materialize. And, depending where you are, these costs can be quite steep. Hawaii, for instance, is not an inexpensive location in which to become stranded.

You may also need a rental car to drive back and forth between the terminal and your hotel, or even to drive to another terminal to catch a flight. Again, depending on your location, it could get expensive.

Sometimes, a commercial ticket will be your best, or, only option to get to your destination if you have a cruise or other scheduled connection to make. Or, you may need to purchase a one-way ticket home if flights dry up. These one-way tickets, purchased with little advance, can cost you.

Travelers who do not anticipate and budget for unexpected delays can find themselves up the proverbial creek!

Lady Cat 6 (me) and sponsor have experienced this conundrum on several occasions.

 A couple of years ago, we took a lovely space a trip to Hawaii. When it was time to come home, however, nary a flight to the west coast was to be seen on the 72 hour forecast. Our choices were either to wait around, or purchase tickets home. After penciling out lodging, meals and car rental for three more days, and pricing same-day airline tickets, we opted to fly home commercially (we did stumble into a great last-minute price deal!) rather than sit tight and hope for a flight.

On the other hand, returning home from Singapore this past spring, we again got “stuck” in Hawaii. This time around, we decided that since we had on-base lodging and were in no hurry to go home, we’d stick around for a few days and see what turned up. Four days later, we were on our way home via Travis on a C 17 (our favorite!).

Last year, coming home from Ramstein, we got stranded on the east coast, and ended up flying the rest of the way commercially. The year before that, we opted to fly from Ramstein to Travis, where we visited family and bought tickets for the remaining leg home.

Now that I’m thinking about it, we often don’t save much money traveling space a! But, we always plan for unforeseen circumstances, and we love the adventure! So, it works for us.

It’s kind of like that old saw, you have to have money to make money. When contemplating space a travel, you have to have money to save money.

 Always plan to be able to spend whatever that ticket would have cost you, just in case.

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