Beyond the AMC Universe

While many Cat 6 travelers, including Lady Cat 6, live within easy driving distance of an AMC terminal, many more do not. So, how do those prospective travelers desiring the adventure of space a find opportunity?

There are a couple of possibilities:

  1.  Incorporate the journey to and from your nearest AMC terminal into your adventure (commercial flights, train rides, or driving), or,
  1. Look beyond the AMC universe for other likely sources of flights!

Today, we examine option #2.

There are several options for flights outside the world of AMC. Several Navy and Air Force (that’s right – not all Air Force bases are AMC), a few USMC, and various Air National Guard and Reserve bases throughout the nation offer space a flights – some on a regular basis, some more hit-and-miss. Several of these are linked on the official AMC Travel Website:   located just below the list of AMC terminals. Take a look, and see if there is one near you! These terminals all have Facebook pages you can “like” to follow their schedules.

Others take a bit of searching out.  If you know there is a Naval Air Station (NAS), a Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), a Joint Reserve Base (JRB), or Air National Guard Base (ANG) near you, you can try Googling the name of the base, followed by “passenger terminal” or “space a”.

For example:  Googling “Mississippi Air National Guard space a” will lead you to a link to the home page of the 172nd Airlift Wing: with space a information, including their flight recording, passenger terminal personnel, sign up email address and other pertinent items.  Lady Cat 6 has seen planes from the 172nd on the tarmac at Hickam, in Hawaii, many times!

Another example: Googling “JRB Fort Worth space a” leads you to a link to their Facebook page, where you can see the upcoming flight projection and sign up procedures in the photo section:  CONUS locations, The Far East and sometimes Europe are possibilities.

Finally, Googling “Kaneohe Bay passenger terminal” leads to a link to the page of MCB Kaneohe Bay, with their information:  Flights go mostly to California, though some head the other way over the Pacific.

If you’re looking for a free source that lists multiple bases in one location, you can also consult sites like John Doyle’s ,  or for more comprehensive information about which bases have flight opportunities, and how to contact them.

If you’re a member of Facebook, you can request to join the closed “Space A Travlers of the USA” group: and get pointers and tips from a large community of experienced space a travelers.

If you want to spend some money to get your info, there’s Dirk Pepperd’s site:

So, if you don’t live near a “mainline” AMC terminal, don’t despair – there are other options out there!

4 thoughts on “Beyond the AMC Universe

  1. I have used a couple of options to stay near terminals and wait for something to come up. I have stayed at the Hostel in Baltimore using the light rail to and from BWI until a flight came up with seats. There are many good sights to see in Baltimore while passing the time. This is most useful if you get there without a car. Charleston AFB has a nice campground on base and unlimited long time parking, so if you travel there pov you can stay cheaply until you get a flight and have your vehicle there when you return.


  2. Although we live an hour from an AFB, it does not have many Space-A flights so we end up driving 6 hours to the next nearest base that has frequent flights. It’s still cheaper than buying our own plane tickets.


  3. We live about three hours from Wright Patt and Scott AFB, while we haven’t been able to take a hop yet we have visited both bases and scoped out the Pax terminal and parking options. Hoping that when we do get the chance we will at least know where we are suppose to be going ! Love all your tips !


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