Everyone at Lady Cat 6 (me) apologizes sincerely and profusely for the recent dearth of posts from outer space a!

In my defense, the whole purpose of space a travel is to TRAVEL, and for the past few weeks, that’s exactly what my sponsor and I have been doing!

We began our latest adventure July 12, catching a hop out of beautiful NAS Whidbey Island, WA, to NAS Oceana, VA.

We were traveling back east for a couple of family get-togethers and visits, so we needed to arrive by a certain date. This flight was about five days earlier than we had planned to depart, but after we weighed our options (take this flight and spend more time with family, or take the chance something else would come up within our time frame), we decided we’d best follow the first rule of space a travel: Always take the first flight going in the direction you want to fly. So, we signed up, packed our bags ( a little fuller than usual due to two dressy occasions to attend), and reported for roll call bright and early on the 12th.

The flight was wonderful! There were only a few other people on the plane (I had a whole row to myself to stretch out and sleep!), we left on time, and the weather was gorgeous all the way across the country.  We had also called ahead for a room and a rental car on base, so we were set for the night and for our departure the next morning.

The drive from Virginia Beach to Pittsburgh was 10 hours of hell.

We had a FABulous visit, and both the occasions – a wedding and a 70th anniversary celebration – were wonderfully memorable! I love it when a family comes together!

Around mid-week last week, we began looking around the southeastern seaboard for a flight home.  Fortunately, while we were at the terminal after arriving at Oceana, we had seen a flight going to Boeing Field (Seattle) on August 2, and had put our names on the list. Nothing else had popped up since, so on Saturday we drove back to Naval Station Norfolk for overnight lodging (Oceana was full – reserve weekend).

Sunday morning, we got up at 0500 make the 0700 roll call at Oceana.  We got manifested, turned our rental car keys in to the PAX rep, and waited for departure. The PAX rep even served us coffee, since there was no hot caffeinated vending machine in the terminal. Bless him!

Again, there were few (4, including us) people taking advantage of the available seats (69), and after a delay due to an electronics problem, we were on our way. Also again, the weather was beautiful and the flight was smooth.

One small glitch: no one had informed the crew that it was Seafair weekend in Seattle, which meant there was an air show going on, which meant the Blue Angels and several other groups were utilizing Boeing Field, which meant that we spent over an hour in a holding pattern circling over Spokane, WA, until the show was over. Spokane is lovely from 37,000 feet, BTW…

After we landed (we taxied right past the Blues!), we caught a taxi to SeaTac Airport, where we had reservations on the commercial shuttle bus back to NAS Whidbey, where our car was parked. Shortly after tossing our bags in the trunk, we were home sweet home!

Normal operations at Lady Cat 6 shall re-commence upon recovery from partying and jet lag – thank you for your patience.

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