Pack Wisely, my dear!

All packed up and ready to go! Everything has fit perfectly into the carry-on suitcase, including togs for not one, but TWO dressy occasions! Alas, no red shoes…

Which reminds me…


Leave the dress; take the skirt. Trust Lady Cat 6 – there’s nothing like standing in a corner in an Italian café full of, well, Italians– of the male persuasion– and trying to discretely hike up one’s dress to access one’s money belt! Between the molto vino the evening before, and the pre-caffeine stupor the morning of, someone forgot to transfer the five euro she needed for her cappuccino and cornetto vuoto from the belt to her purse. As I stood there, gripping the skirt between my teeth whilst attepting to open the zipper on the belt and extract the bills, the good signore were quite taken with my little spectacle! There was much not-so-sotto-voce whistling, clucking, and “Brava, signora!” going on behind my back as I wrestled with my clothing.  A fine time was had by most all– what a wake up!

Choices must be made when packing. Just choose the skirt. It can be dressed up or down, takes up less room in the suitcase, and, should you have need of your money belt, it is much more easily gotten to. Elastic waistbands are best.

On that note, my sponsor and I are off to Roll Call!

Trip report coming soon!

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