Boring Basics – Chapter 2, Part 2.1 – Sign up at non-AMC Terminals

Several faithful followers of Lady Cat 6 have noted a difference between signing up at AMC and non-AMC terminals. While the vast majority of space a opportunities occur at AMC terminals, there is a significant number of other locations from which to fly. Though mentioned in my original Sign Up post last week, few details had been provided.

Curious travelers want to know: what can one anticipate when attempting to sign up at these locations?

Well, quite frankly, when one steps outside the AMC universe, one never knows what to expect!

Some Navy, Marine Corps, Reserve, and Air National Guard terminals will allow email and/or fax sign ups. They accept regular emails and the AMC form 140.

Some only accept sign ups in person or over the phone.

Some smaller Navy, Reserve, and Air National Guard terminals have their own sign up policies and forms.

Some locations will allow sign ups as far as 45 days ahead of desired travel, and some only 24-72 hours before a specific flight.

A very few, with infrequent, irregular flight opportunities, require only that you appear in time to be processed for a flight.

There are many, many variations in policies and procedures out there! It would be nearly impossible, even for Lady Cat 6, to provide all the details without creating zombies out of my readers, which could be quite dangerous, especially in crowded terminals where passengers are enduring long, frustrating waits!

The best thing to do, if you are considering traveling from a non-AMC location, is to contact the terminal representatives directly to find out what they require regarding sign ups. This way, you will gain the information you need for your specific location without encountering the possibility of having sensitive brain cells overcome or destroyed by extremely dense and convoluted information overload.

Best of luck!

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