The Boring Basics: Chapter 1 – Eligibility

While actual Category 6 travel is brimming with excitement and adventure, it’s a good idea to spend some time before takeoff practicing the art of delayed gratification as we explore some basic requirements and procedures. I will do what I can to spice things up a bit, but, honestly, while this information is important, there’s not much exciting here. If you are an experienced space a traveler, feel free to skim or skip over entirely. All this information, and more, is also available in much greater detail at the official Air Mobility Command (AMC) travel website

To qualify for Category 6 travel, you must either be retired military or an active guard or reserve member. Those who are retired constitute the overwhelming majority of this category, and are the specialty of Lady Cat 6. The key for us is the blue retiree ID card – that’s the ticket to travel!  Those who retire from active duty will receive theirs immediately. Those who have retired from the reserves will need to wait, most likely until they turn 60, to win the prized piece of laminated blue paper. Incidentally,active guard and reserve, and those who have retired from reserve duty but have not yet reached the magic age of 60 MAY travel, but under different rules, which would be the purview of another Lady Cat. Eligibility details for all six categories may also be found at the AMC travel website.

Dependents may not travel unless accompanied by their sponsors. Lady Cat 6 is squired about the globe by her own intrepid sponsor who, out of respect for his abhorrence of social media shall hence forth be referred to as “My Anonymous Sponsor” (MAS), and only when mention is absolutely necessary.

Widows and widowers of retirees may not travel space a, except for one instance: if the sponsor meets their unfortunate end somewhere overseas or away from home (a condition MAS has come perilously close to fulfilling at Lady Cat 6’s own delicate hand on more than one occasion!), the dependent may travel to accompany the remains home for burial. Assuming she is not serving a life sentence in a foreign prison.

That’s it – if you meet these requirements, you’re ready to fly space a, Cat 6! Happy travels!

Coming soon: Chapter 2 – The Sign Up Process

5 thoughts on “The Boring Basics: Chapter 1 – Eligibility

  1. I trust you are already signed up to travel? Summer is almost the worst time for Cat 6 to try to fly, and if you’re not at least 35 – 45 days into your sign up, your chances of catching a hop are extremely slim.


  2. Hi Patricia, love the blog! As far as grey area retirees (and formerly MAS), they are the same as regular reservists. Cat 6, travel only within conus, HI, AK and US territories – and no dependents. Look forward to reading more!


  3. Thank you! And, thanks for clarifying the rules for reservists and gray area retirees. I thought reservist dependents could fly accompanied…I”ll have to recheck that.


  4. Just re-checked – dependents of reservists and gray area retirees may NOT fly – you are right, Christian! This is why there needs to be another Lady Cat for those who are not blue ID card retirees!


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